Thursday, January 7, 2010

A couple O' Comic strips.

Back in October I had an assignment to draw a series of comic strips that were loosely based on my life. It was a really hard thing for me to do. Mostly because I feel my humor doesn't translate to comics very well. I tried a few different ideas and none of them really stuck. I ended up illustrating a series of horrifying events that had happened to me when I lived with some really crummy roommates. I was supposed to do 6, but I was only able to complete 3 1/2 strips because they took a lot of energy to make. (Mostly in the writing process) I was really hesitant to post these in fear of offending my old roommates, but fuck 'em they made my life very difficult for 6 months and never re-payed me or even apologized. I did them the favor of blocking out their names from the strips. Each strip took about 8 hours for me to fully develop. I was really stressed out about this thing and it was the only assignment I wasn't able to complete for my class. Hours before the strips were due I had a minor panic attack. It was going to be the first time I would turn in an incomplete assignment, and it was during an intro class no less! I went to class with my incomplete assignment and my tail between my legs. We critiqued everyone's strips and I quickly realized that most of my classmates either didn't turn in the assignment or spent very little time on each strip. I was furious with this because I killed myself on these dumb strips, but then again these students were able to finish the entire assignment on time. The other night I dragged these out to show a couple of my friends and they really enjoyed them. It's probably the best reaction I have gotten from any of my work and oddly enough this was the most tedious and painful project I ever worked on. Enjoy!

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