Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CCS/ Fluke mini comic

Jeez, so this blog flopped faster than you can say "fail". I would like to start posting more material here though. I have recently been accepted to the Center for Cartoon Studies, it was a real nerve-wracking process. At the beginning of March I had visited the School with my eclectic portfolio full of short 2-4 page comics, I also included a copy of Fantasy Adventure Quest and Subterranean 1 and 2 to kind of show what I have contributed to the mini comics scene so far. I was really nervous and I didn't know anybody there besides Jon Chad. While sitting outside the classroom waiting for my portfolio review, some current students came by and asked to look at my work. They were really supportive about it and I ended up having a nice chat with these people. Their names escape me right now but they were really nice and definitely made me feel more welcome to the school. I was also ecstatic to learn that most students who attend CCS have jobs as well, this made me feel relieved, finally I wouldn't have to feel so alienated. Another really cool thing about CCS is the fact that the facilities are open to the students 24/7, which means that I can fit my comics work into my regular work schedule much easier.
At the end of the day, SCAD ain't such a bad place. I made some great friends here, it's where I started making mini-comics, there are plenty of people I know who have graduated from SCAD and have become very talented and successful cartoonists. I know that my friends and I all have had a little something negative to say about the school, and we have a right to, but this doesn't mean it's a bad place to be. If I was fresh out of high-school again, and I had the financial means, SCAD would be a great place to go. Like I said, I discovered mini-comics at SCAD and I met my support group there as well. Without these factors I would have not had figured out where I belonged in comics and I might have not ever figured out that CCS could help me accomplish the goals I have set forth. So a special thanks goes out to my old story-boarding professor Benjamin Philips, to our friend and professor who is now gone Jeremy Mullins, and to the head of the Sequential Art department David Duncan. All of these dudes really supported what I was doing and in some way or another they helped show me how I could do it even better.
Okay so now we can talk about one more thing for right now, and that is Fluke, it's in athens GA and it's next weekend. This will be my 5th year attending Fluke and I intend to have my 4th mini-comic to premier here. It's going to be a collection of work that I produced during my fall quarter of SCAD and a couple of things shortly after. I guess it's kind of a one man anthology deal. It will feature the Ghost Car story, A little Nemo throwback strip, some various comic strips about my old roommates, A new story I'm working on right now with Alex Bullett, and my CCS application strip. Which you can see in today's post.

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