Saturday, February 12, 2011

I ain't No Holy Man pages 3 & 4

Today I bring you a double WHAMMY! I remember when this creepy dude took over the church, the whole environment in that place shifted, everybody was preparing for the apocalypse and they were totally buying this guy's bull shit. For the sake of accuracy, I wasn't with my father when he had this conversation, and more specifically the guy he was having the conversation with was an old friend of his that also attended this church, once again the details for what actually happened would of muddied up the flow of the story and made it kind of confusing. I don't feel bad for putting words into Bill's mouth, the guy was a complete asshole and he put these thoughts into the heads of all the attendees of that church.... Fuck him.
The next page is a complete homage/rip-off of a classic page in American Splendor, I gave it a little twist by showing the passage of time through a character aging panel by panel though. That kind of redeems me, right? Right?

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